Sponsors & Partners

As a new non-profit program, we are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for taking a risk on us.  We encourage you to use their services when needed.



Earth Day Every Day of Harrisonburg VA works closely with the following partners. This list expands frequently so we may not capture everyone. We are especially grateful to The New Community Project for adding us as a program.

2019 Climate Strike
  • New Community Project 
  • Earth Day Network
  • CAAV (Climate Action Alliance of the Valley)
  • Soil Cycles
  • JMU Community Service Learning
  • JMU Center for Global Engagement
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Barbara Camph
  • Oasis Fine Arts and Crafts
  • Jim and Diane Orndoff
  • Doug Hendren
  • Renew Rocktown
  • Bluestone Communications
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