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Earth Day Every Day of Harrisonburg VA is available to speak at your workplace, civic or faith organization, networking group, school group, etc. Our topic is “Practical Solutions to Plastic Pollution” Contact:

This website will give an average of plastic consumption and ways to help reduce it.

Tips For Reducing Waste

  1. Bring jars to your local grocery store and buy in bulk. The Friendly City Food Co-Op has bulk options for nuts, dry beans, rice, flour, cooking oil, vinegar, honey, snacks, and more. Martins also has a bulk section. Choose produce that is not in packaging, and bring a reusable produce bag or none at all, instead of a plastic single use produce bag. Generally shopping around the outside of the grocery store can help avoid packaging.
  2. Bring Your Own has many zero waste options including hand and dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo/ conditioner, deodorant, tooth brushes, and more. Shopping at the Farmer’s Market or joining a CSA are great ways to buy package-free produce.
  3. Use the items you buy in bulk to make food at home and pack it in a reusable container for lunch. When eating out, bring your reusable container for leftovers and take-out.
  4. Compost your food waste, grass cuttings, green or brown leaves and other organic waste. This prevents it going to a landfill where it would release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
  5. Stop unwanted catalogs.  Contact the company or use online services like or 
  6. Politely refuse disposable free goodies that often break quickly and will end up in the landfill.
  7. Use cloth napkins at home and packed with your lunches.
  8. Clean with vinegar and baking soda that you buy in bulk. Use rags instead of paper towels.
  9. Buy as much as you can secondhand and donate what you no longer need.
  10. Use bar soap or liquid soap bought in bulk and poured into reusable pump containers. The Friendly City Food Co-Op sells bar soap without packaging and there is also bar soap at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market. You can ask for it not to be wrapped when you buy it. Cranberry’s in Staunton sells Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap in bulk.
  11. Check books out from your local library instead of buying new books. Share with friends and borrow/ lend when you can instead of buying new products.

For more tips on reducing waste…

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