Meet the Team

Elly Swecker, Founder

“I became afraid about the future of our planet and what plastics are doing to human health and marine life.  Rather than staying fearful, I felt led to use my skills for the betterment of our local environment and for the city I love.” 

Elly, a Harrisonburg resident since 1975, has spent most of her career in service to others, from children to seniors.  She was the Executive Director of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Free Clinic during a time of significant expansion. Her career also included serving as Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Director of Annual Gifts at VMRC. Through research and talking with others who have been active in environmental organizations, she is learning more every day about environmental problems and solutions. Elly is a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church and is inspired by many members past and present. Her husband, Arnie Kahn, is a big support to her, and her little dog Max is part of the family.

Members of Leadership Team

Dr. Arnie Kahn

Dr. Kahn is a Professor Emeritus of JMU’s department of Psychology. He plays a large role in our mission. Dr. Kahn continues to help out in various ways along our journey to a clean Earth.

Barbara Camph

Barbara Camph did the LOVE mosaic in downtown Harrisonburg (shown above). She will be creating a mosaic later this year, focusing on the environment, for the enjoyment of the people of Harrisonburg. Earth Day Every Day will be hosting a 100% Green Party after the unveiling.

Karen Lee

Karen is passionate about the environment, and that is why she joined our team. She focuses on event publicity and spreading our message. The more people that come, the more that get to learn about how to improve our world.

Dr. Anne Marie Leonard

Dr. Leonard is helping us to make earth a better, cleaner place for the future. She is Professor Emeritus of James Madison University Department of Education.

Virginia Healy

Virginia is a 6th grade Science and History teacher. She has a special interest in education and community action on environmental issues. Virginia is active in planning and support of outreach events for EDED.

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